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Below you find reviews from people who have previously or are currently taking lessons with Asom.



I took lessons with Stephen last year to sit my extended driving test and it was brilliant.  One thing I would really like to note is that it was never a problem to go over the one hour period, he was really passionate about getting the work done and never watched the clock.  He was a great a laugh and we have remained friends to this day.  Thanks' a lot Stephen.




I am currently taking lessons with Stephen and I am loving every minute of it, I am having a really great time learning to drive and having a good laugh at the same time.  Again as the previous poster mentioned, Stephen never watches the clock and is always more than willing to spend extra time with you if needed.  He is so passionate about his work.  Highly recommended.



I took lessons with Stephen last year and passed my test this year.  I passed first time with only 4 minors in total.  I had a great time learning to drive and I am ever greatful to Stephen for being so patient with me in the car.  He is a gentleman and a great friend.


I passed my test 4 weeks ago, and it's all thank's to Stephen, he was brilliant with me.  He is very patient even when it took me quite a while to get the hang of some tricky manuevers.  I passed first time and I am now driving around happy as ever.  Cheers Stephen.


I am currently taking lessons with Stephen, I live in Kilmarnock and it is no problem for him to come and collect me from Kilwinning.  I was with another driving school before going with Stephen, and ever since i made the switch my driving has improved an awful lot.  I am due to book my test and I am confident I will pass.  Thank You Stephen.